Create a $2.5M revenue channel and own an and exclusive market

Today you're on your own grinding away, chasing every deal and fighting for every contract. No free time, not enough free cash to invest in growth

Now you can unlock 10x growth with the AI software platform created to scale your business

Step 1

Convert to Digital

Econic AI offers a complete digital transformation in a box, empowering businesses with real-time, data-driven insights. Transition part or all of your business to effortlessly align with market dynamics, create managed services that automate your expertise, bill through recurring revenue models, and unlock scalable revenue channels.

Step 2

Become Visible

Our AI platform connects the world's leading corporations to the small businesses equipped to provide the essential services they require to execute their tasks, projects, and contracts.

Step 3

Get Connected

Econic businesses are automatically matched to the available contracts they are qualified to fulfill and seamlessly partner with other businesses that multiply your value and make you more attractive to the global corporations that need your services.

Step 4

Scale Up

Econic’s AI-driven platform empowers businesses to accelerate their growth, uncover new opportunities, validate their performance, and increase minority and diverse participation.

You’re not alone with Econic

Econic offers channel partners a white label AI software platform to create and own their market, complemented by a seasoned team committed to driving your 10X growth. Join a supportive community of partners eager to collaborate and scale each other. We’re in it together.

World leading organizations work with Econic and our Channel Partners