About Us

Our Origin Story

Join us on our mission to create 100 million sustainable $1M small businesses across the globe.

Our founding came together during the pandemic out of the frustration and anger of lockdowns, the broken promises and the broken supply chain that had no visibility into millions of small businesses. We built the Econic AI platform from the ground up after hearing from family, friends and strangers whose good local businesses were being destroyed because they didn’t have a way to serve their local and corporate customers.
They didn’t accept that and neither did we. So, we created a new choice that provides simple, low-cost visibility for small businesses that need digital transformation to be seen and connect to federally funded corporate projects.

Welcome to Econic AI.

Join Our Team

We’re looking for brilliant, dedicated people who are passionate about serving small business and creating the leading solution to increase minority and diverse participation in corporate conracts.

Econic Leadership

The Econic executive team represents many decades of technology, product and business experience to create and scale the AI platform and it's wider social and economic impact.

Tom Sheehan

Founder, CEO
An expert in finance and supply chain management systems, Sheehan has designed and built world leading software products at Sun, Microsoft, JCI and FIS. Founding member of exited start-ups such as NetBrowser, FXA, R3D2, IDC and Modius.

Parm Kang

An experienced financial strategist out of Yale and LSE, Kang worked in strategy for JPMorgan Chase, BNY Mellon, and various startups, including TimeData (Founder) and Fab.com.

Jennifer Schaumburg

Partner Sales and Success
Operations and automation expert at such enterprises as Texas Instruments. Schaumburg is also the CEO Fuse CONNECT, providing managed services to the Econic partners and leading corporations. Member Women’s Business Council and Women's Enterprise Forum.

Jay Jordan

Biz Ops
Jay is co-founder and COO of Fuse Solutions and Fuse CONNECT. He oversees business process automation and IT operations for a wide range of enterprise customers and Econic partners.

Sherman Sall

Product Marketing
Startup professional and producer of independent feature films. Sall founded early multimedia companies out of research projects carried out at the MIT Media lab, funded by Apple and Pioneer. Founded and exited Spiral Solutions, a global online and mobile gaming developer and marketing company.

Our Board of Directors

Tom Sheehan

Founder, CEO
Tomme Sheehan has been a leading software engineer for over 30 years, designing and building products at Sun, Microsoft, JCI and FIS. Sheehan has founded and exited several start-ups, including NetBrowser, FXA, R3D2, IDC and Modius. Econic Network was designed and created by Tomme during the pandemic in his boyhood neighborhood of Bridgeport, Chicago.

Parm Kang

Parm Kang is an experienced strategy leader who served executive roles at JPMorgan Chase and BNY Mellon before moving on to startups, including TimeData (Founder) and Fab.com. Parm has provided strategic and consulting CFO services for a wide range of industries and clients.

Aubrey Thompson

Aubrey Thompson is an accomplished exited entrepreneur, chairman and mentor. Thompson has held senior positions at Thomson CSF, Motorola and Sigma Wireless. Co-founder of Infocell, exited and founder of Septillion Technologies.

Our Values

We empower people and businesses by giving them the tools, data, and education to unlock and access their full revenue, performance and value potential. Our mission is to create 100 million $1M small businesses and increase the global participation of all high performing businesses.

Hyperlocal leads
the Way

We believe that unlocking the value created by hyperlocal economic activity is the key to improving quality of life for people everywhere. We focus on growing local markets by connecting partners into local supply chains that service local and global needs.

Scaling Trust and Credibility

Integrity is Strength. Honesty, transparency, and truth are at the forefront of everything we do at Econic. We operate with integrity and demand integrity from all our stakeholders. Integrity is the foundation of our belief in using technology to scale trust and credibility.

Global Impact

We think big at Econic and recognize our unique opportunity to create hyperlocal economic productivity worldwide. We are not a part of the big tech digital world; we deliver the positive impact that digital presence creates so local business owners can leverage their real value.

Do it Right

We focus on maximizing the benefit to local business and community and hold ourselves accountable to that pursuit. We work to create lasting impact by demanding excellence from within and facilitating excellence for our stakeholders and customers worldwide.

Do it Together

We treat each other with respect and strive to get the best out of everyone by inspiring them to improve every day. We value each other’s ideas, celebrate our differences, communicate with respect, and work together to execute our mission.

Get the Job done

Results matter. We get beyond talk and get the job done at Econic. We are a company doing real work to help our partners and local business owners access the full value of the real work they do. We go beyond words, and we execute.

Be Responsible

Each of us takes ownership for our tasks, manages them competently, and gets our work done. When mistakes happen, we take accountability, and we see it through to resolution.

Diversity is Strength

We strive to look like to world we live in and are committed to building a diverse team that is comprised of talented people of all kinds. We leverage the differences that make us unique, just like the customers we serve.